Social Warfare WordPress Plugin Review – {10% Discount Coupon}

We all know that having social media sharing buttons is important because it helps the viewers to share the content and this sharing increase a number of engagements. This also helps in bringing more traffic to your website, and this helps in getting more social proof. Social proof means, the authenticity of your blog. Social proof helps the readers in building trust on your blog.

Just some days ago I came across Social warfare WordPress plugin reviews over the internet. So, I thought to give it a try and fortunately I found it with one of my blogger friends. I called him and asked him to show all the features. After watching the working of the plugin, I was impressed. It’s awesome.

Here is my complete review on social warfare WordPress plugin

For the first time, I am so impressed with any plugin that I decided to treat it as the essential plugin for a WordPress blog.

Let’s read about social warfare plugin

When I reach the social warfare website, I found it as another regular social sharing button, but as I scrolled down, I found that it has got awesome 5 features as well which I have never seen on any other plugins before.

socialwarfare plugin features

Let’s discuss the unique features because there are some common features that you will find on other plugins as well

1. Share Count Recovery:- You might be aware that whenever you change the URL of any of your post, you lose the number of shares it has got. Especially for the website migrating from Http to Https. Many of us usually ignore it but this leads to very high loss of trust factor for the visitors.

Social warfare WordPress plugin is the one that will keep all the shares of the post intact even when you switch your website from HTTP to https. You can easily enable this feature by going to the Advanced Tab of the plugin. So, now you don’t have to worry about you share count.

socialsharecount recovery2. Recover Your Tweet Share Count: – Twitter stopped showing the share count on its button which was very annoying for many users.

With social warfare, you can easily start showing up the share count for your twitter button. That’s an easy process; you can even talk with the support for this.

3. Content Protection: – Content is one of the most important parts that has got many weights on its shoulders. From engaging the visitors to generate a number of sales, everything depends on upon the content. You never know, but the services like StartAFire helps the users to hijack the content of your website or blog.

These services are good for the people who use link sharing services but, it’s terrible thing for the people like us.

Before understanding how this whole system work, let’s understand how service like StartAFire work. Given below is the complete video that you can watch in order to understand.

After watching you must have understood how people are hijacking your efforts. This is the place where social warfare content protection feature comes to life. You just have to enable the Frame Buster feature, and from then this feature will redirect these links back to your actual links. You will get accurate data and metrics, and this will also help you improve your bounce rate.

4. Floating Share Button: – Placement of the social media sharing buttons is the biggest mistake done by the beginners. You must have noticed that most of the pro bloggers place the social media sharing buttons just below or above the post, but there is another place which will generate more amounts of shares, the left side of the screen. After adding the social warfare floating buttons, the buttons will float on the left side of the screen and thus the readers can share the post anytime they like.

floating social media share button examples

5. Show Most Shared Posts in the Sidebar: – if you are showing the most shared post on your blogs sidebar, you will get many benefits like It helps in catching users attention, Helps in generating more visitors, Helps the first time users to identify the popular post of your blog.

social media popular post widget

As you enable the social warfare WordPress plugin, you get the “Most Popular Post” widget in your “widget” tab under “Appearance.” Then you can easily configure it out. it will look like this.

example of widget


When it comes to pricing, the plugin is not very costly, you can get it at just $29 for a complete year. When you compare the price of this Social warfare WordPress plugin with Monarch, you will come to know that Monarch cheapest plan cost $69 per year and hence I would recommend you to use Social warfare plugin. Given below is the complete price list.

pricing plans


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